Affiliate Policy

All affiliates are paid by the 10th of each month for the previous month due. There is a 30 day hold on all commissions. An example would be you make $100 in January, you would be paid between the 1st and 10th in March. For February you would be paid in April and so on. Payments will be made to the source you choose under "Affiliates" menu tab, click on "Commission Payout Method". 10X Recruiter is not responsible for any lost payments due to inaccurate information given at time of payout.

Any charge backs, or other loss of revenue from a member you have been paid for will result in a commission claw back and will be deducted from your current commissions due.

10X Recruiter has the right at any time to hold back commissions due for up to 180 days if you receive too many charge backs on members that you sponsor.

Any bonuses will be paid as the bonus is described.

Any affiliate caught spamming, using false claims, or any other illegal activity will be suspended and all commissions due will be forfeited.

Once you cancel your account, all commissions due will be forfeited and your downline will be lost.

Any affiliate that makes over $600 in a calendar year MUST provide 10X Recruiter with a signed W-9 (USA) or W-8BEN (NON-USA) before any future payments can be made to you. We will contact you when you need to fill this form out and where to send it to.